Digitalwisher Delicate, Glass-Like Orchid Discovered in Japan's Parks and Gardens -

Delicate, Glass-Like Orchid Discovered in Japan's Parks and Gardens -


 Discover the beautiful new species of orchid found in Japanese parks and gardens. Learn more about the delicate and unique Spiranthes hachijoensis.

Delicate, Glass-Like Orchid Discovered in Japan's Parks and Gardens -

Delicate, Glass-Like Orchid Discovered in Japan's Parks and Gardens

Japanese researchers have made a fascinating discovery, uncovering a new species of orchid that was hiding in plain sight. The plant, which has been named "Spiranthes hachijoensis", boasts exquisite pink and white blooms that are delicate and almost glass-like in appearance. Despite its prevalence in Japanese parks and gardens, it took researchers at Kobe University an entire decade to confirm that the plant was actually a new and previously unknown species.

Let's take a closer look at this incredible discovery, examining how the researchers made their breakthrough and what makes this orchid so unique.

Discovery of the "Spiranthes hachijoensis"

According to Kenji Suetsugu, the lead researcher and phytology professor at Kobe University, it was a surprise to discover a new species of spiranthes, given how common this type of orchid is in Japan. These plants can be found almost everywhere, from parks and gardens to potted plants.

Despite its ubiquity, the researchers were able to confirm that the "Spiranthes hachijoensis" was a previously unknown species through careful examination of its unique characteristics. Samples of the orchid were collected from various locations, including potted plants and gardens, with some originating from a high school in the central Gifu region of Japan.

The university noted that the plant's unique beauty has been appreciated for some time, thanks to its spiralling blossoms and delicate, glass-like appearance. In fact, this orchid was even mentioned in Japan's oldest anthology of poems, the eighth-century "Manyoshu".

Naming the New Species

The "Spiranthes hachijoensis" was named after Hachijojima island, located in Tokyo, as many of the samples were found there. This new type of spiranthes, also known as "ladies' tresses", was recently announced in the Journal of Plant Research and is already gaining interest among nature enthusiasts and orchid lovers around the world.


The discovery of the "Spiranthes hachijoensis" serves as a reminder of how much there is still to discover in the natural world. Despite its widespread occurrence in Japan, this orchid managed to remain undetected as a new species for an entire decade.

The delicate, glass-like appearance of the plant's blooms is sure to capture the attention of nature lovers and orchid enthusiasts worldwide. This discovery is a testament to the ingenuity and persistence of the researchers at Kobe University, and it has given us yet another reason to marvel at the wonders of the natural world.

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