Digitalwisher World human spirit day is celebrated on 17 February, know its history - DIGITALWISHER.COM

World human spirit day is celebrated on 17 February, know its history - DIGITALWISHER.COM


Human Spirit Day is a time to share the things that make humanity great, to share positivity and hope for unity around the world, and to share creations of the past and future that improve our daily lives. World Human Soul Day is celebrated in the most romantic month of the year... February. The date it is celebrated represents one of the most admired factors about the holiday.

World human spirit day is celebrated on 17 February, know its history


According to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, in his theory of metempsychosis, the human soul is immortal and, after death, enters a new body.

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World Human Soul Day is observed annually on 17 February as a day to encourage mindfulness through meditation. According to Daniel Helminiak, he is "a respected philosopher in the field of metaphysics, the mental act of soul awareness, insight, understanding, judgment, and other reasoning." In Christianity, it is emphasized that the human soul is the real person. an essential part of our existence.


World Human Soul Day aims to help strengthen our connection to our spiritual soul as a way of staying grounded even in the midst of societal pressure.

History of World Human Spirit Day

World Human Spirit Day was started in 2003 by Michael Levy to promote the human spirit of living a creative, peaceful and loving life. The holiday is based on the belief that the human soul represents a place of peace and tranquillity that is needed to escape from our pressure-filled society. It aims to encourage mindfulness through meditation to create a habit of constant reflection as a way of feeling content in our society.

Throughout the modern era, what exactly is the human soul and how does it help us survive our sometimes hostile world has been a question that philosophers have tried to answer. World Human Spirit Day is a day to search for contentment from within and to accept the fact that we do not have all the answers. A day to give thanks to some higher power for whatever we have and what we don't have yet and, it is generally celebrated to promote the value of mental peace and satisfaction in our lives.

How to celebrate World Human Soul Day

Make time for meditation On World Human Soul Day everyone is encouraged to meditate to discover the sense of freedom and peace that resides within each of us. Silence is a way of connecting with spirits and when done properly, it can renew and refresh us.

Encourage people on social media Use your social media to spread awareness and encourage participation in the meditation. To celebrate World Human Soul Day, persuade people to make a habit of constant reflection and yoga as a way to feel contentment in our dysfunctional society.

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