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How to make a career in pharmacy. -


How to make a career in pharmacy.

How to make a career in pharmacy. -

Important information about the pharmacy sector.

Pharmacists abroad are called registered pharmacists, just as doctors need a license to practice, they also need a license to practice pharmacy. They have to pass a test for registration. The Pharmacy Council of India has started a six-year course called 'Pharma D' for training in this subject. Marketing is very important in the pharmaceutical sector. Marketing Professionals keep an eye on the market competition in addition to the sale of the product, there is more potential in the market for the product.

Pharmacy Qualification

After passing the 12th science subject, you can enroll in two years D Pharma course or four years B Pharma course. Apart from conducting undergraduate courses, many institutes/colleges/universities located in different parts of the country also conduct M. Pharma courses. The diploma can be done directly after the 12th.

After doing BPharma, you can work as a chemist in pharmaceutical companies, as a research assistant in clinical research outsourcing, and as a pharmacist in government, private and medical colleges.

After doing an M.Pharma scientist in the lab, then can work in the research and development department of pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmacy Course

In the Pharmacy courses, theoretical and practical information about all those things related to the field of medicine, which are generally required for this industry, is given in D. Pharma and B. Pharma courses.

Along with this, information is given on subjects like Pharmacology, Industrial Chemistry, Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals, Health Education, Biotechnology, etc.

Career Options In Pharmacy

Research and Development - India is moving forward very fast in the field of pharmaceuticals today. Here the work related to the discovery and development of new medicines can be done. The R&D sector can be divided into categories such as generic product development, analytical R&D, API (active pharmaceutical ingredients), or bulk drug R&D.

Pharmacist - Hospital pharmacists are responsible for the storage, stocking, and distribution of medicines and other medical aids, whereas, in the retail sector, a pharmacist should be able to run a pharmaceutical business by acting as a business manager.

Clinical Research - When a new drug is ready to be launched, clinical trials are conducted to see how safe and effective the drug is for people. Today many foreign companies are coming to the country for clinical research. Drug screening work involves testing new drugs or formulations on animal models or conducting clinical research that is necessary for human testing.

Quality Control - This is an important function of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to research and development in relation to new drugs, there is also a need to ensure that the results of these drugs are being reported, they are safe and stable (Gasterd Pharmacist).

Job Opportunities In Pharmacy

The world's best pharmaceutical companies are doing business in India. There is a great demand for trained people in this field. There are job opportunities for you in nursing homes, hospitals, and companies.

Also, there is a lot of potential in the Drug Control Administration and Armed Forces. After doing BPharma you can work as Manufacturing Chemist, Analyst Chemist, and Drug Inspector.

Pharmacy Salary Package

In the beginning, you can get a job in a pharmacy for about 10 to 15 thousand rupees. MBA in Pharmacy can work as a consultant in CRO, then in companies in business executive and management executive positions.

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