Digitalwisher Career In Mass Communication: How to make a career in mass communication.

Career In Mass Communication: How to make a career in mass communication.


Through a mass communication course, you can go into the mass communication field, some students think about doing a mass communication course after the 12th, then this course is best for them. Through this course, you learn how information related to organizations and individuals is communicated or transferred all over the world at the same time. This information can usually be transferred using books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, radio, film, and television. This course is one of the emerging career fields for the students who choose it as their higher career option.

Career In Mass Communication: How to make a career in mass communication.

Career In Mass Communication: How to make a career in mass communication.

Admission in Mass Communication Skills

The duration of the mass communication course is three years in the Bachelor's degree, through this course you usually include those courses in advertising, public relations, journalism, communication skills, psychology, sociology, political science, media literacy and those that touch upon the types of mass media Teaches different types of courses.

If you have a passion for writing and can effectively present things, if you are ready to face challenges and have excellent communication skills, then a career in mass communication is best for you.

Student's Aptitude for Mass Communication 

Students participating in mass communication course graduation courses must have a 12th pass from any board. Also, some universities and colleges admit students based on marks in class 12th.

Anyone can do a Mass Communication course Science / Commerce / Arts. Apart from this, based on marks scored in the qualifying examinations, you can also take admitted to various courses. The entrance test is conducted to take admission to some colleges.

Some top colleges for a career in mass communication 

Here is a list of some of the top colleges for mass communication courses such as –

  • Amity School of Communication, Noida
  • Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune
  • AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore
  • Delhi College of Arts and & Commerce, New Delhi

Difference between Mass Communication and Journalism

When we talk about "journalism" it means a way of presenting information through various mediums including printed articles, blogs, and television.

While a journalist is a person who does all the work of searching for information, editing, writing articles, and presenting it, thus we can say that journalism is an integral part of mass communication.

Career and Scope after Mass Communication 

After completing your degree in mass communication, you can work in various fields like reporting, writing, editing, broadcasting or cable casting news items, and many other similar job profiles.

There are two types of journalism in which you can work, first one is print journalism and the second one is electronic (audio/visual) journalism.

In print journalism, you can avail of jobs in newspapers, and magazines and work as an editor, correspondent, columnist, reporter, etc.

In electronic journalism, you can work for radio, television, and the web. You can easily make a career in journalism, which is a high-paying and prestigious profession.

Best job for those interested in gathering various news from various sources.

Job Profile after Mass Communication

The major employment profiles in this sector are as follows –

  1. TV anchor
  2. News editor
  3. senior journalist
  4. junior journalist
  5. screenwriter
  6. editor at large

Salary after mass communication

Your salary after completing the mass communication course depends on your skills and experience. Like if you start your career as a correspondent or news reporter, then your salary can be from Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 and after some experience, you can work as an editor or an anchor, then your salary is 25,000 to 40,000 and if you have enough experience and expertise in a particular field, then your salary can be more than that.

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