Digitalwisher How to become an air hostess. Complete information related to how to become an air hostess. -

How to become an air hostess. Complete information related to how to become an air hostess. -


The Air hostess job seems to f the easiest job but there are many responsibilities in this job. Air Hostess has to greet each and every passenger, coordinate with security, make air passengers travel comfortably, guide passengers while settling their seats, and many more. Being an Air Hostess is the dream of most girls. It happens.  Complete information has been given on how to become an air hostess.

How to become air hostess. Complete information related to how to become an air hostess. -

Air Hostess - How to become an air hostess.

 When traveling in an airplane, there are employees, especially women employees, to help you in every way, they also welcome you, those women employees are called Air Hostess.

 Educational Qualification 

 If you want to become an Air Hostess then you must have at least a 12th pass. Along with this, you must have knowledge of English and another foreign language. To become an air hostess, the ability to understand and listen should also be very good.

 Physical Fitness

 To become an Air Hostess, your beautiful appearance matters a lot. And along with that, your height is also 157.5 or more and it is very important to have 6/6 eyesight. Along with this, it is very important to have many qualities like patience and good common sense. You do not have to lose your patience under any circumstances, if you have these qualities, then only then you can become an Air Hostess.

 Age Limit

 To become an Air Hostess, the age limit should be between 18 to 25 years.


 Air hostess is one of the very responsible work. Along with this job, you also get to travel abroad on an airplane.

 Whenever a passenger boards a plane or airplane, he is welcomed with great enthusiasm.

 The work of an Air Hostess is such that the passengers in the air should not face any problems.

 There are many tasks like taking full care of the passengers, helping the passengers to keep their luggage, giving security instructions, serving tea, water, food, etc., helping the passenger to wear oxygen masks when required, etc., which an Air Hostess has to do. have to do.


 Air Hostess training can be taken after the 12th or graduation, for this you can easily take admission there by taking out information about the nearest Air Hostess Training Center in your city.

 Course Fee 

 The fees for the Air Hostess course range from around ₹ 60 thousand to 2 lakh and it also depends on you which institution you are taking admission in.

 Career-related information

 The career of an Air Hostess is very challenging.  Before becoming an Air Hostess, you have to go through many interviews, as well as pay a lot of attention to physical awareness and also keep yourself updated.

 After doing the course Air Hostess, work is available in the airline itself. In the beginning, if you are in India, then you can start with Indian airline companies like - Air India, Jet, Indian airlines, Kingfisher, and Sahara India.

 Apart from this, you can start with foreign airlines like Singapore Air Line, British Air Line, Delta Air Line, etc.


 People with Air Hostess get a very good salary package. If you serve on domestic flights then you get 2.5 to 4 lakhs (package per year) and during international flights, you can get 5 lakhs and more. Which depends on your experience and your work.

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