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Five Easy Way To Save Our Planet -


 Even though a woman gives birth to a human being, but she is nurtured on this earth, so we call the earth as mother.  He survives by the natural things provided by the earth.  Man can live without his mother after birth but without earth and natural things he cannot survive even for a moment.

Five Easy Way To Save Our Planet -
Five Easy Way To Save Our Planet

But have you ever wondered what man gives to the earth in return for all this?  Far from giving, he destroys natural things for his needs and in such a situation, limited natural resources are being exploited very fast.  Due to this, these natural resources are getting destroyed prematurely.  If this happens, then the earth will not be able to give anything to our future generation to survive and in such a situation, humans will have to save the earth and natural resources.  Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April for this purpose.  If you also want to save the earth, then start doing such five easy things from today itself which can give a beautiful environment to the coming generation.

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Five Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Planet

1. Do "The Three Rs" Reduce, reuse, recylcle

2. Use washable cups, napkins, plates, and towels instead of paper

3. Eliminate unnecessary packaging

4. Reduce buying bottled water, use the tumbler

5. Travel green to reduce carbon emission

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